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Saturday's Tweets

07:56 AZ anti-immigrant law not just immoral; it's based on a worsening problem that isn't actually getting worse. http://huff.to/d5502x
11:51 RT @JillSorenson: Lustiness is OK as long as you're sorry later. [And even if you're not.]
11:56 Kids ask why the sky is blue, but do they ever ask why clouds are white? I know I never did. http://bit.ly/9FlmUn
12:04 I'm using twitter from fring – my FREE mobile app for tweets, calls, chats & video calls! Join me on fring http://www.fring.com/twitter
14:16 RT @BreakingNews: 7th lawsuit filed over AZ immigration law: Police training mat'ls too vague, lead to racial profiling http://bit.ly/blcO6S
14:50 Andy Borowitz: Cavaliers Owner Seen Driving to Miami in Astronaut Diaper http://huff.to/cyYWuX
22:12 Back from San Francisco. Shoot with Candace, followed by dinner at Kuleto's.