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Sunday's Tweets

08:28 2 days before its release, Inside Out makes the @truthout home page. http://bit.ly/czxts5 @barryeisler
12:10 @devans00 No idea, but I'd expect to see more phones on Friday at the earliest. Very happy with mine. Very very.
12:11 Car washed, so now to get some lunch before I meet my model for today's shoot.
14:09 My conclusion after 3 days: the iPhone 4 is so good, it makes my old 3G suck retroactively by comparison. And I loved my old 3G.
14:42 @truedeadman I may be seeing the antenna issue if the signal's weak. But shifting my hand a little helps. Still better than my old iPhone.
20:58 Four hours shooting an English redhead. Rough life.
22:04 Hotel Internet is $9.95 for 24 hours or $69.95 for 7 days. Anybody else see a problem with that?