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Thursday's Tweets

07:03 Off to the Apple Store at Valley Fair. Wonder what the line will be like at this hour.
07:32 This line goes halfway around the mall. Disneyland doesn't have lines this long.
07:37 All this for a phone? Wowzers. http://yfrog.com/75jyrj
08:10 @meatflag Actually, it's a little of both.
08:49 Twitter's awfully quiet thus morning. Is everybody on iPhone lines?
10:57 3.5 hours on line. At least two more.
16:25 Final score: 8.5 hours to get my new iPhone and get away from the mall. Was it worth it? Ask me after the phone activates.
16:26 Thanks to Cheesecake Factory, Starbucks & Apple for the drinks and snacks all day in line. Didn't even mind missing breakfast & lunch.
17:13 @lomara Mine took about 20 minutes to activate. I imagine it depends on how taxed the activation servers are.