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Monday's Tweets

09:09 Huckabee wants to ban gay marriage 'cuz it's icky. Would he keep ugly people from getting married too? http://bit.ly/9frGQG
10:18 Email promises my iPhone will be waiting for me at the Apple Store on the 24th. AT&T even let me in to verify the price. C'mon, Thursday!
11:01 @alwayscoffee Not a great joke, I grant. But it's a pun. The heel of the loaf of bread inspired the dog to heel. Or so I assume.
11:06 iOS is here! Starting the download now; I figure if it borks my phone, I'll have a new one in 72 hours or so...
11:08 @alwayscoffee It's twoo, Ali! As usual, Wikipedia knows and tells all. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bread (Search for "heel".)
13:55 RT @ebertchicago: The Ed Wood Jr. Players, a set of collectors' cards. http://j.mp/9KxY8Z [These are brilliant!]
14:00 Upgrade to iOS 4.0 took quite a while. Almost ready to take it for a spin.
14:45 iPhone's new OS is fine, but not as fine as a new phone will be. Just 65 hours to go...
17:06 ThinkGeek apologizes (sort of) for confusing pork consumers with its "New White Meat" canned unicorn product. http://bit.ly/bhUJNf
18:00 RT @twitter: Retweet this & @Bing will donate $10 to @CNN's Gulf Telethon up to $100K. More at http://bit.ly/howtodonate. #BingforGulf