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Friday's Tweets

06:50 BP: "The company is not aware of any reason which justifies this share price movement." Really? You need a hint, maybe?
09:20 RT @grantimahara: BTW- Be prepared for a highly offensive evening... http://tinkershow.com [Highly offensive? I am so there!]
15:17 Michelle Bachman calls Barack Obama worst President ever. Must mean he's doing a great job. http://bit.ly/bbAoIS
15:56 People like @ebertchicago make Twitter worthwhile. As if there were people like him. There aren't, but let's pretend. http://bit.ly/aq2GqC
16:15 Now this is a Christmas story I want to read! http://bit.ly/9MRZVG (via @CarolynCrane)
18:38 Improv comedy in SF tonight. But first, pastrami Reuben at Max's
18:45 Tonight's discovery: cabbage soup is like stuffed cabbage for the dentally challenged. Which I'm not. Not yet, anyway.
20:12 I'm surrounded by Mythbusters. Grant is right behind me, & Tori is facing me on the other side of the "stage". Not that I'm namedropping.