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Tuesday's Tweets

08:29 Weddings and other disasters, or why I'd never want to be a wedding photographer: http://bit.ly/amlWJF
09:39 Last night's @StephenAtHome: "Bing is a great website for doing Internet searches. I know that because I Googled it."
10:08 The amazing Jane Lynch takes on the iPhone 4 in an ad Apple should run themselves: http://bit.ly/bZvqYs
10:30 It's primary day on California, my chance to vote the bums in. Out? I was supposed to vote them out? Oopsie.
12:24 RT @VictoriaDahl: DO IT! DO IT NOW! [That's what *she* said.]
13:09 @alwayscoffee But wasn't Samuel L. Jackson weary of snakes? "I'm sick of these %&#$* snakes on this %&#$* plane!"
14:37 RT @billprady: Considering filing USPS form 1500 against the AARP. Overkill? Justifiable rage against dying of the light? [Old joke. Hee!]
14:39 Not all gas giants are stars: http://ow.ly/1VNYC
18:38 Your WTF movie trailer moment for the day, or maybe the year: Norwegian Ninja! http://bit.ly/9tKhkg
18:44 Should have flown to Chicago for #w00tstock. 35 minutes of Captain's Wife's Lament *and* @petersagal swearing? Damn! http://bit.ly/aTZAq9