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Sunday's Tweets

07:31 @ggreenwald Hey, either you're with us or you're with the terrorists. No, wait; that's a different conflict.
08:17 "Why is it that the people who always deny the holocaust took place are always the ones who wish it had?" http://bit.ly/ciXO3K
09:48 Racist reaction to the Prescott, AZ mural makes @ebertchicago muse and reminisce about his own experiences with race. http://j.mp/ckjNPY
10:10 Crazy crowds @ Mtn View farmers market. Line's 40 deep at Acme Bakery.
19:26 Still watching Perry Mason season 4. Why does he keep saying "infer" when he means "imply"?
21:26 Just got an email that said, "Your photo is horrible -- and this is why." It was a form letter from Nikonians. I did wonder how they knew.