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Friday's Tweets

07:53 LA Guv Jindal opposed to ban on deepwater drilling. Why wait to fix this spill before we make more? http://huff.to/awtLQ2
09:05 I got 2 images accepted to @shutterstock today! Check out my gallery here: http://tinyurl.com/ltgjp5
10:43 RT @FakeAPStylebook: Use "bologna" for the meat, "baloney" for anything Creationists say. [I wouldn't be so polite.]
10:50 As long as I'll be in Gold Country next Sunday for a shoot, figured I'd take advantage of Silver Legacy's 2nd night free offer. Hello, Reno!
12:42 Adidas Star Wars ad. When was the last time Lucas did anything so creative? http://bit.ly/bPxLXK
14:16 How to take a screenshot: Windows vs. Mac OS X vs. iPhone vs Android. http://bit.ly/dgtl1x
14:39 Remember when racists had to hide their repulsive views? http://bit.ly/avrWlv
15:10 O'Reilly claims immigrant crime wave in border states. Lucky for them & bad for him, it's not so. http://huff.to/9ZdU1g
16:36 Glen Beck shames other media for not airing Israeli assault video they all showed. Does he think Fox viewers are all gullible idiots? I do.
18:53 Just discovered Boomtown in Reno has brought back their lobster buffet. That takes care of dinner plans for my trip.