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Wednesday's Tweets

06:28 RT @tomtomorrow: Thomas Friedman's column this morning one of vilest things that vile man has written in a long time. http://nyti.ms/alyYFu
08:32 Just dropped car at the Toyota dealer. 80k service plus however they resolved the uncontrolled acceleration problem.
08:52 Thanks, @sandrift. Usage graph at att.com tells me I'll be okay with new 2GB data limit, even with tethering.
09:27 RT @JustaSunGod: You've just gotta love HTML http://bit.ly/dgbmsd #NSFW [HTML? Or XML? Yeah, I know that's not the point.]
09:40 @barryeisler You can check your usage at att.com. Mine stays below 2GB a month. But you can keep the current unlimited plan.
10:12 Thomas Friedman is "a barely literate cartoon mustache of oversimplification." http://bit.ly/avvqIK
10:19 @sandrift Are you sure that's really a problem? @meatflag
10:34 @barryeisler Looks like you have to switch data plans if you want tethering. Which I do.
10:55 @VictoriaDahl They don't want to make everyone show papers, Victoria. Just those suspicious looking people. You know, not like us. Well, me.
11:08 BP accounts for 97% of OSHA violations the last 3 yrs, shouts "We're number 1!" http://bit.ly/djYNUm via Daring Fireball
11:16 @JustaSunGod But not soon, right?
11:34 NV Gov Brewer claims dad died fighting the Nazis. Where did he find them in 1955 when he actually died? http://bit.ly/95YwIG
12:04 Via @CaliLewis, the Bacon Moon Pie. http://bacontoday.com/bacon-moon-pies/ (Didn't know there was a Bacon Today, did you?)
17:56 Finally got my car back. Turns out the water pump was leaking. Luckily covered by my extended warranty.
19:47 RT @barryeisler: Classic Chomsky video on the myth of the liberal media. http://youtu.be/KYlyb1Bx9Ic
21:10 @VictoriaDahl Or flouted. He could have flouted her orders.