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Friday's Tweets

06:17 @lomara You have an electric hand? I had no idea!
06:30 A morning thought: if torture works so well when the clock's ticking, how come nobody's suggesting we torture oil drilling experts?
06:39 @JustaSunGod PB? Peanut Butter? I'm suggesting torture as a way to clear their minds for better solutions to the leak, not as punishment.
07:04 @JustaSunGod Yeah, I know what seppuku is. I'm suggesting torture as a way to enhance creativity. Not seriously, of course.
07:13 I don't think they liked it. Highlights from reviews of Sex and the City 2. http://huff.to/bfOSNL
09:07 I got 2 images accepted to @shutterstock today! Check out my gallery here: http://tinyurl.com/ltgjp5
09:15 RT @toywithme: Dear BP - stick a tampon in it!! [Is there no flow they can't handle?]
09:20 @CarolynCrane Thanks! That was a fun day. Drove by that park hundreds of times and never knew it was there.
09:46 @toywithme I'm sure I don't!
17:01 RT @ebertchicago: I feel sorry for Gary Coleman, and this sensitive piece explains why. http://j.mp/aYlhjC [Poor guy. What a sad life.]