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Thursday's Tweets

07:09 Family Research Council study reveals repeal of DADT will lead to more studies making shit up. http://bit.ly/94DMPf
10:03 Challenger to Barbara Boxer debates a cardboard box, looks like a total tool. Should have debated a paper bag instead. http://bit.ly/aQt1TK
11:42 So. Those insane rumors that Microsoft's Ballmer would appear at Apple's WWDC? Not just insane but untrue. http://bit.ly/ap31bW
12:57 The Right attacks the ACLU for not defending US flag wearers on Cinco de Mayo. Except it's not true. Gosh, I'm shocked. http://bit.ly/bZYldN
16:02 Okay, this is weird. Turns out working at iPhone factory in China *reduces* your risk of suicide. http://bit.ly/bxJmo1
19:23 @renatojr_rj I hope you got some pictures of that!
22:05 Not everything in the Times is wrong. Like this piece about Bob, Chris & Abby Elliott. I loved Bob & Ray. No idea why. http://nyti.ms/cN6Iye