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Wednesday's Tweets

07:14 I love watching Repugs beat up on each other. Who's got the popcorn? http://huff.to/c9nzpN
08:32 @HappyTinfoilCat I guess we'll see how far dumbth will get you in the AZ GOP Senate primary.
09:07 I got 13 images accepted to @shutterstock today! Check out my gallery here: http://tinyurl.com/ltgjp5
09:21 @VictoriaDahl And here I thought you above that kind of petty jealousy. Counting retweets indeed!
09:36 Finally caught up with @barryeisler's video interview on @grittv regarding 24 as propaganda and much more. http://bit.ly/cuJj0F
09:45 Peter Beinart on the Right wing disaster that is modern Israel, and why younger American Jews reject it. I'm with them. http://bit.ly/a5qt0X
18:49 Someone who understands drilling asks what more we think the President should be doing. Good question. http://bit.ly/bRnvzn
20:29 Gene Lyons, who wrote so forcefully on NY Times lousy reporting on Whitewater, on their coverage of Richard Blumenthal. http://bit.ly/b4kpfA
20:37 Why in the world does anyone pay tech industry analysts for anything but comic relief? More accurate to flip a coin. http://bit.ly/aZiy02