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Tuesday's Tweets

08:25 Black Like Me: libertarian opposition to Civil Rights Act "theoretically coherent but psychologically impossible." http://bit.ly/9aYNUg
08:46 RT @reduced: Wanna see a parade of your Twitter followers? Go here http://isparade.jp Thanks, @dickc! [Inspiring & weird at the same time.]
10:31 Rand Paul's just a symptom. The Tea Party is the disease. And the Repugs are the enablers. http://huff.to/cD2B7v
13:03 RT @reduced: RT @sesamestreet "Grover: It is Frank Oz's birthday. I'll try to find out who he is. What do you mean, there is no "try"?"
13:04 It's raining. Not supposed to rain in late May. Then again, it *is* Towel Day. (I miss you, Douglas Adams.)
16:18 @paulandstorm The AZ meatloaf post doesn't show up in my timeline, but does appear when I go to your feed.
18:50 Rand Paul plans to shake up his staff, because clearly all of his on-air asshattery was somebody else's fault. http://bit.ly/bDrUDD
20:19 I remember videos of robot experiments from the 80s. They were stone knives & bearskins compared to this. http://j.mp/cVKNog
21:51 Via @donttrythis, the most crazy ass lens I've ever seen. Nikon, you're evil geniuses! http://bit.ly/bQ5SZr