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Monday's Tweets

07:27 Rand Paul tries to rewrite his own remarks. "We don't always say what we mean." Except when we do. http://bit.ly/d3ALAg
07:37 Rand Paul's message to those whose lives are destroyed by big corporate interests? No help for you! Fuck off and deal with it!
09:08 I got 20 images accepted to @shutterstock today! Check out my gallery here: http://tinyurl.com/ltgjp5
11:13 RT @ebertchicago: O, Joy! Replacement MacBookPro now *totally* restored from Time Machine. [Time Machine's a lifesaver. Apple's best work.]
14:57 Think your life sucks? Try being a male angler fish. http://bit.ly/bcz9hu (From @AnimeJune via @VictoriaDahl)
15:03 Bet you didn't know: George Washington invented instant coffee. No, not *that* George Washington... http://bit.ly/2AHpt
15:08 Think an iPhone on Verizon would be better than AT&T? Here's one guy who thinks yer smokin' dope: http://bit.ly/ddwdTl I bet he's right.
16:40 This is cool. Nikon has a lens simulator that lets you see magnification and angle of view at different focal lengths. http://bit.ly/6ybZr6
16:43 RT @BreakingNews: White House backs legislative proposal to repeal DADT after meeting with gay activists. http://bit.ly/cl4kOo [About time.]
16:46 Today Show's Ann Curry praised Wheaton grad Billy Graham in commencement address. Too bad that was the *other* Wheaton. http://bit.ly/aXs8YR
17:09 Bereft Lost viewers get their fill of weird from Fox News. http://huff.to/bsKWsx
17:39 RT @wilw: Whoops. @kngunn is right: headache is a process, not a file, and I need to kill -9 the stupid thing. [Unix nerd humor. Hee.]
20:38 Nice of the real superheroes to let that lame-o Batman hang out with them. http://bit.ly/ciyg1M
20:38 @counternotions Does it go "bing"?
21:22 Apple caves on that whole "No to Flash" thing, intros iPad XL. http://bit.ly/cz4OA1