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Friday's Tweets

07:53 RT @barryeisler: RT @thenation: When a Serious Libertarian Gets Serious Attention? http://bit.ly/dqZFXp [Spoiler: it isn't pretty.]
08:25 @barryeisler: Honored to be in such bad company: @MonicaKaye @VictoriaDahl @cjewel @jayewells @TheDirtyLowDown @mark_henry @SevickBrown
08:27 RT @maddow: Ruth Marcus on Rand Paul and Robert Bork: http://is.gd/cj7EK [In case you don't recall what was so awful about Bork.]
08:40 Now the Repugs are blaming the Dems for blocking the Civil Rights Act. Revisionism, thy name is GOP. http://bit.ly/9PSSVx
12:35 RT @ebertchicago: MPAA limit on blow jobs in R-rated film: Two head-bobs. [Worthy of a spit take.]
12:55 Before hating on Civil Rights, Ron & Rand fought the nonexistent NAFTA Highway. What could they do with a real issue. http://bit.ly/9UtLCR
13:57 As a counter to the theoretical glories of Libertarianism, may I present the practicalities of Triangle Shirtwaist? http://bit.ly/9SYwcM
14:45 @barryeisler Awfully nice of you to help @meetthepress out of a jam like that. They don't deserve you. Then again, they didn't deserve RP.
15:18 @marthaflynn Wassamatta, Martha? You don't think Miley should be required reading? What are you, some kind of commie?