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Thursday's Tweets

06:23 Glibertarianism: The only thing worse than being acknowledged as a racist is being chickenshit about your racism. http://bit.ly/a52lng
08:15 @ebertchicago I beg to differ. On a good day, Fox News would reach no one at all.
08:49 Completely inappropriate Golden Books. Almost makes me want to have children. Okay, maybe not. http://bit.ly/8Xk3F0
10:54 Weird thing about having a Microcell is that a full signal on my iPhone is no longer cause for celebration. How will I cope?
12:51 It doesn't matter if Rand Paul is a racist. It only matters that he'd let racism flourish. And not just racism. http://bit.ly/cujAI3
13:15 I need to spend more time on Craigslist. I had no idea of the weird I've been missing. http://bit.ly/ddEtyD
15:26 Passed a coyote on Skyline a little while ago. Would have tweeted when it happened, but the lack of signal and risk of death stopped me.
15:36 I don't think you meant heroic, Mr Rockwell. The word is moronic. (Ron Paul speaks against Civil Rights Act.) http://bit.ly/aEsFfI
15:48 Google rewrites history. "We are at war with Apple. We have always been at war with Apple." http://bit.ly/dv4JTu
17:37 @WendiDarlin Really? You must have hated it from the womb! As for sushi, you just need to be led by the hand. Doesn't have to hurt.
17:37 Weird. DSL just hiccuped. Lost WiFi to my router, then connection to the outside world. It all came back as suddenly as it left.
18:25 Via @barryeisler, do not watch this if you can't handle some hot dog on granny action. http://bit.ly/b3SiKU
19:02 @iwatchTVshows @wilw The Connect-The-Dots of Dorian Gray #lesserbooks
19:02 @WendiDarlin Then it's probably a good thing that I really like your smile, huh?
20:39 Is Google's index getting smaller? Are they getting more selective in what they keep? http://bit.ly/cGqygy
21:12 Just finished watching the season finale of Bones. Very sad, and wondering how they'll pick things up in September. One year later?
21:32 Something is rotten in the state of... no, it's not the state that's rotten; it's Google. http://bit.ly/bO6DH9 via @counternotions.