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Wednesday's Tweets

08:54 Twitter's failing left and right. What ever will I do for human contact?
09:11 I got 40 images accepted to @shutterstock today! Check out my gallery here: http://tinyurl.com/ltgjp5
09:27 Google admits Apple's right to limit multitasking; background apps really do kill phone battery! http://bit.ly/chUWTX (Who knew?)
09:29 Oops! Link in previous post doesn't work. Here's a summary from Daring Fireball: http://bit.ly/cSovxh
09:30 Another shocker: posting your Social Security number's a great way to get your identity stolen. http://bit.ly/c0pwq5
09:58 @LotusSixSixSix Weird weather here. Rain & gray skies, although we're back to sunny. Really need to get out and photograph something...
10:16 Joy Williams is one of the artists supporting Nashville flood relief. Details at https://www.noisetrade.com/joywilliams
13:48 Just picked up a Microcell at the AT&T Store. Non-sucky cell service, here I come! That's the theory, anyway. I'll let you know how it goes.
14:20 Turns out Miley Cyrus branded jewelry is toxic, and not just to little girls' psyches. http://bit.ly/aOxsCZ
14:37 My Microcell just activated. So in theory I should have a good cell signal at home. First time I could say that.
15:58 @RebeccaAmmon Not silly at all. But very, very intriguing.
16:36 RT @lomara: "Premakes" The Empire Strikes Back (1950) http://youtu.be/KmTpOQrqoO0 [Still better than the prequels.]
16:50 Speaking of premakes, here's Star Trek via Georges Méliès. The music makes it work. http://bit.ly/ddg1BS
19:32 RT @wilw: Disney replacing Star Tours with A POD RACE! Why not replace Tomorrowland with Jarjarland while you fist my childhood?! [Eek!]
20:19 RT @toywithme: Don't mess with a woman in a drug store who is buying tampons and chocolate. [Good advice, but a few months too late.]
20:33 Tea Partiers aren't racist shitheads. They just vote for racist shitheads for the Senate. http://bit.ly/blI3x8
20:34 @toywithme In fact, I'm the one who bought the tampons & chocolate. I didn't know the implications, but boy, did I find out.
20:43 Rand Paul: Businesses have the right to be as racist as they please. Govt should leave whites-only lunch counters alone.
20:50 @toywithme No, definitely not pretty. But highly educational, in a "you do not want to make that mistake again" kind of way.