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Friday's Tweets

07:16 This is cool: if you like one writer, the site maps others you're likely to enjoy. This one's centered on @barryeisler: http://bit.ly/aYJaK6
10:22 Google admits selling the Nexus One online was a failure, only a little after everyone else figured it out. http://bit.ly/9D2eqc
11:10 Hey, @barryeisler! Copies of Fault Line on the shelf of my local Nob Hill Foods. I still say it's the author photo.
11:31 First of four shoots this weekend just got postponed. Hope that isn't a sign.
11:41 What *were* the Howells doing on a three hour tour with all that cash? Answers at last: http://bit.ly/aJaUru
11:46 This post talks about Gilligan's Island and the iPad, two great tastes that taste great together. http://bit.ly/a3gDJT
12:27 Via @maddow, the immorality, the raw hypocrisy of DADT. http://is.gd/c97Zy
12:40 @VictoriaDahl And finishes with baby wipes, and possibly more diapers.
14:29 In case you had any doubts about the iPhone finder's guilt, the rest of the story. In his own words, "Sucks for him." http://bit.ly/a39DIz
18:58 @counternotions He should, for that and so much more.