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Thursday's Tweets

07:56 Whisper campaign about Elena Kagen because she's fiftyish, unmarried and short. So am I; am I a lesbian too?
12:47 On last night's Daily Show, Lewis Black invokes Glen Beck invoking Hitler. Empathy leads to genocide, Glen? Really? http://bit.ly/9Fz34r
12:50 Phoenix worried new immigration law will cost a fortune. Who knew being racist shitheads could hurt convention biz? http://bit.ly/b33IF4
17:43 @scapersuse Ouch! Not the face; it's one of my favorite features!
17:49 Florida principal emails parent to eat sh-- & die. In her defense, she has a pretty hot Facebook picture. http://bit.ly/cdirjv
18:25 @KobeATL I'd say not! Who died?