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Wednesday's Tweets

08:50 Amazing! I have four shoots booked for this weekend. Now where did I put that camera...
09:07 @VictoriaDahl Fantastic, I agree. But Rubenesque? Not even remotely. @MonicaKaye
10:00 @toywithme Damn! Now I'll never think of "shaking the ketchup bottle" as anything but a euphemism!
12:50 RT @toywithme: A law firm with a sense of humor? http://bit.ly/54XYHZ [Tragic!]
12:51 @toywithme Pretty good, but not as ballsy as Morrison Foerster, aka http://www.mofo.com/.
14:53 There's a name for the inverse relationship between competence & confidence: the Dunning-Kruger Effect. http://bit.ly/cazFVm
15:24 RT @ebertchicago: We've always had a lot of Ethnic Studies in our schools. Until recently, all the Ethnic groups were European.
16:14 Looking at Google Maps & planning a trip to Maine (state #48) and Vermont (#49) for leaf turning time.
16:58 @MsCaliLogan You two think you're so cute, don't you? {:->
18:41 Hawaii passes law that gives Birthers the brush off. http://bit.ly/ax67rC
18:41 @VictoriaDahl I dunno. Something about @Gennita's eyes...
18:53 @renatojr_rj Been there, done that. I'd tell you to have fun, but we both know you will!