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Monday's Tweets

05:57 First time in a week I've tried to navigate without Homer the GPS telling me what to do. Good thing I stayed right by the airport.
05:59 Bags checked, through Security and enjoying Port Columbus's free WiFi. SFO, you suck, and not just for the lack of free WiFi.
06:46 Okay, this stinks. 90 minutes before flight & I'm all caught up on my online stuff. Dammit, Internets, entertain me!
08:09 First flight delayed a few minutes. Second flight's been canceled. I'll get home eventually...
08:21 Good news: I have a new flight to SFO. Bad news: it's 3 hours after the one I was supposed to be on.
09:47 First flight of the day just landed. Once everyone's off & new folks on, we'll head on to LAX. Did I mention it's gonna be a long day?
10:05 Snagged an exit row for the next leg. Excellent. (Rubbing hands in most Burnsian fashion.)
10:19 Good news: I'm in the exit row. Bad news: so is the enormous gentleman next to me.
14:48 Just landed at LAX. Now to find something more substantial than peanuts and beef jerky.
16:25 I suddenly remembered why I don't hate being stuck at LAX. Wow.
18:01 On the plane to SFO. A workman just walked by with a power drill. That can't be good.
20:04 Finally arrived at SFO. Now all I need are my bags and a ride home.
20:28 Bags in hand. Waiting for SuperShuttle to get me the flock out of here.
21:44 Home at last. And only 16 hours after leaving my hotel in Columbus. Heck, Columbus himself probably got home quicker than that.