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Sunday's Tweets

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05:11 Last leg of the road trip, from Charleston, WV back to Columbus. Chilly and gray this morning. Hope that's all I have to deal with.
06:41 Listening to Start Me Up by @VictoriaDahl while I drive the backroads of West Virginia. Nice way to spend a Sunday.
07:13 Back in Ohio. I can feel my adventure racing toward its conclusion.
09:23 Stopping for lunch at a Greek restaurant on my way to see a building shaped like a picnic basket.
09:29 @meatflag how did we deal with boredom before the Intertubes?
09:44 TV conman Kevin Teudeau is advertising a book called Free Money. The book is $19.95. I sense irony.
09:46 I'll claim the misspelling in my previous tweet is to avoid giving a sleaze any free press. That's my story.
10:40 Now that's a hell of a big basket. http://yfrog.com/9fh4eoj
12:08 @laurakcurtis It's the headquarters of Longaberger. They make baskets. http://www.roadsideamerica.com/story/10658
13:51 How do you like them apples? http://yfrog.com/j26fkj