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Friday's Tweets

04:19 Short drive today, so I get to spend some time doing touristy things around Chattanooga. Details as they happen.
06:20 Waiting for the Incline Railway at Lookout Mountain. http://yfrog.com/83joprj
06:23 iPhone says it's 69 here. Like hell it is.
07:12 Chattanooga from Point Park. http://yfrog.com/jpx7gj
08:44 Exploring Rock City. This is called Fat Man Squeeze. http://yfrog.com/04tctj
08:45 Rock City is neat, but not if you're claustrophobic. Perfect timing; a big school group was arriving as I left.
08:45 Emergency stop! A turtle was crossing the road. I kid you not.
09:09 Lunch at Krystal as I leave Chattanooga. Better than White Castle.
13:00 @KobeATL Sadly, no time to visit Georgia this trip. But I want to come back and explore some more. Rain check?
13:00 @hezmanagirl Picked up a 4-pack of Cheerwine. Will think of you when I burp.
13:10 Made it to Knoxville without incident. In what the hotel laughingly calls a suite. Still, hoping for a pleasant evening's photography.
18:36 Finished tonight's shoot. Great fun, and I think we got some good stuff. Shooting again in the ayem.