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Thursday's Tweets

05:13 Listening to a train whistle in the near distance. A beautiful, mournful sound.
06:45 Leaving Jackson, Mississippi. Today's destination: Chattanooga, Tennessee. Think I'll find a choo choo?
06:47 @IIriaa I wish you could go too.
08:33 Just crossed the Alabama state line, my ninth state of the trip.
09:46 Stopping for lunch in Tuscaloosa. Oysters sound good.
09:52 RT @ThePlumLineGS: Poll deflates "Obama's Katrina" meme: 1/4 say Gulf spill response was "poor": http://bit.ly/a2VZbn [Same % like Bush.]
10:09 My discovery for the day: Wintzell's Oyster House in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Glad I decided to take the detour off the Interstate.
13:10 Cutting the corner of Georgia on my way to Tennessee.
13:43 So much for Georgia, my tenth state of the trip. Arrived for the night in Chattanooga, where I seem to have lost an hour. Careless of me.
14:52 Chattanooga may be my new favorite place. It's certainly the prettiest town I've seen in ages.
14:55 They have a free shuttle across the river. It's electric. And it has WiFi. How cool is that!
15:29 EMC's CTO brings home an iPad. What follows is magical. This thing really is a game changer. http://bit.ly/9Yv5Zn
16:18 I love this! Cupidtino, a dating site for Mac people! http://bit.ly/cvAYjw
16:20 RT @ebertchicago: Sometimes you think you know somebody through Twitter, and you know nothing. Nothing at all. http://j.mp/9TXki2 [Wow.]
17:20 Trying a rib place because of a well placed billboard. We'll see how it goes.
17:56 The rib place was pretty good, although cutlery was pointless. As were sharp teeth for that matter.
17:57 Now I'm being followed by a Ukrainian mail order bride agency. Do I sound that desperate? (Feel free to lie to save my feelings.)