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Monday's Tweets

04:11 @scapersuse Safe travels. Where are you headed?
06:16 Breakfast before I head southwest to Memphis. I love cafe breakfasts when I'm on the road.
06:58 Indiana in my taillights. Hello, Illinois.
09:09 I got 39 images accepted to @shutterstock today! Check out my gallery here: http://tinyurl.com/ltgjp5
11:06 Just left Illinois for Missouri. Pretty bridge across the Mississippi. No place to stop, alas.
11:23 FAULT LINE, out in paper for only six days, already went back for 2nd printing. /via @barryeisler [It's the author photo.]
12:39 Just entered Arkansas, state #44 and my fifth of the trip.
14:04 Just arrived in Memphis. Sky is blue and the rivers seem to be keeping within their banks. Tennessee is my sixth state of the trip.
14:05 RT @ConanOBrien: Through the desert on my way to Reno, I passed an establishment called "Shady Ladies". Either a brothel or a tree nursery.
14:08 They have Krystal in Memphis. That's like White Castle with a suthin' accent. Later maybe; tonight's gotta be barbecue.
16:12 At the King's Palace Cafe on Beale. Do I get the Cajun Combo? Or the ribs? I'm so conflicted!
20:03 I went with the Cajun. It was good. http://yfrog.com/9ggg1cj
20:30 RT @janewiedlin: Tomorrow is Star Wars Day! May The Fourth Be With You! #geek #StarWars [Hey, it's no sillier than Pi Day.]