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Sunday's Tweets

06:45 Leaving the Hyatt. Next stop Hertz at the airport.
09:40 So this is Indiana. Looks a lot like Ohio.
09:43 For those of you keeping score, Indiana is my 44th state.
10:20 They have White Castle in Indiana. You have no idea how happy that makes me.
10:26 Oh, the things I do to myself... http://yfrog.com/bh65nlj
13:30 Day one of the road trip was not without incident, but I made it to Terre Haute. More adventures tomorrow.
15:16 Today's lesson: folks in Terre Haute let their dogs run free. Chased by two, pant leg nibbled by one. Good exercise for the heart.
18:32 Nothing sadder than an in-room jacuzzi and no one to share it. *snif*
18:33 @TomMartin_KY Only cutting through the eastern corner on my way to West Virginia.
18:35 @lara_adrian Thanks for the shoutout, Lara. Glad you liked the RT Book Fair pictures.