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Wednesday's Tweets

08:21 Listening to @barryeisler read a sex scene with a woman's POV. Disconcerting, I must say.
08:36 "If there's a desk in a sex scene, somebody will have to get fucked on it."
09:07 RT @VictoriaDahl: @barryeisler is reading one of my sex scenes aloud. And he's blushing. #RT10 [Aren't we all?]
13:03 AT&T sucks here. Has Columbus ever seen this many iPhones before?
13:07 "He's cool. He's hung. He's coming. June 29th. Inside Out." @barryeisler
14:12 In a panel on historic romance. I am the only Y chromosome in the room. The phrase "orgasm for days" just got my attention.
17:30 A little video from the Intl Lingerie Show in Vegas. Hoss provided the fashions, Charlie, Val, Cali & Amber wore them. http://bit.ly/dbSlli
20:14 Country music: the fastest way I know to clear an RT dance floor.