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Monday's Tweets

06:44 Up way to early, and grabbing breakfast before I drop the car off at Ontario Intl. Gonna be a rough day. Short, but rough.
10:02 SJC. Home soon, but not for long.
11:18 RT @tinyrevolution: Nice that, after so many years, repealing Martin Luther King Day no longer most embarrassing thing Arizona's ever done
12:13 Sometimes I hate my life. http://twitpic.com/1ioz53 (This is not one of those times.)
14:09 Packed for RT & road trip. More or less. But more more than less, I'd say.
14:19 So buying stolen property (specifically an iPhone prototype) really does get you attention from the authorities. http://gizmodo.com/5524843/
14:31 @barryeisler Maybe the larger question is whether bloggers *or* journalists get to receive stolen property without repercussions.
15:18 Looks like Gawker understands the law about as well as they do journalism. http://bit.ly/bCDvkO
15:26 @JohnRossBowie It's not that she can't. It's that she won't.