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Friday's Tweets

00:26 Home again. Conan was great, as was guest performer Chris Isaac. Worth losing my voice. #cobnob
08:03 @alwayscoffee By "batshit crazy", are we talking about Scott Baio?
08:18 @janewiedlin You were there? Great show at the Masonic last night. #cobnob
08:43 BTW, Masturbating Bear: NBC intellectual property. Self-Pleasuring Panda: legally unfettered. Now you know. #cobnob
10:12 "The Force is strong in this sperm." http://ow.ly/1Cg7U
10:37 On my way to the airport. Next stop: my photography weekend on Temecula.
10:58 Long line at SJC security. Glad I give myself lots of time.
11:33 @lomara Thanks for the @washosaurus RT. Just bought one of the little bears.
11:35 @ConanOBrien I'm sure the hot guys feel the same way.
11:38 Wondering jest how many chickens your medical procedures are gonna cost? Find out now with the Sue Lowden calculator: http://lowdenplan.com/
12:29 On the plane. Next stop Ontario, CA. That's CA as in California. Not Canada, although I wouldn't mind.
12:34 RT @janewiedlin: Another important chart to study: Trustworthiness of Beards Chart http://tiny.cc/yiraa [Guess mine's safe.]
18:26 Watching as three models shop for clothes. Not for the fainthearted.