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Thursday's Tweets

10:37 RT @FakeAPStylebook: Do not reference The Oxford English Dictionary. We speak American. [And badly at that.]
11:55 This is the lingerie ad Fox & ABC rejected as going too far? Really? http://bit.ly/cH4jDF
12:43 Boarding pass printed, bag (mostly) packed for a weekend of photography in Southern California.
13:43 What would you trade for medical care? Let your voice be heard on Chickens For Checkups. http://dscc.org/chickens
16:34 I thought I wanted an iPad before, but this has pushed me way over the edge: http://bit.ly/csDs7r
16:42 Headed to San Francisco tonight. Going to join http://teamcoco.com/ at the Masonic. Hope he doesn't suck.
18:56 Google Maps needs to add contour lines. Only four blocks, but another three straight up! #cobnob
21:40 Andy Richter just came out trololoing. #cobnob