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Wednesday's Tweets

07:46 RT @counternotions: The Cancer Of Microsofts Tastelessness http://bit.ly/aKVTrt
10:35 @VictoriaDahl And so it begins. Soon I won't be able to tell Twitter RTs from the RT Convention. But I'll be there to share the confusion.
11:24 Cure worse than disease. McAfee antivirus update turns PCs into rebooting machines. Oopsy! http://bit.ly/cUhdus
14:22 Guy in line ahead of me at CVS was buying pregnancy tests. He didn't look happy.
14:57 RT @grantimahara: How to Compose a Hit Pop Song: VIDEO (The 4-Chord Song) http://bit.ly/9qV9QQ Too many of my favorites!
15:55 The best movies (and other stuff) we'll never see. http://bit.ly/crZS1F
16:28 RT @VictoriaDahl: So weird that you're following me, @Chex_Mix, bcuz u r in my mouth right now! Eerie.[You said not to comment, so I won't.]
16:41 RT @Chex_Mix: @disorderly hi Hank, nice to tweet you too. how do you know @VictoriaDahl ? [Talking breakfast food? Uh-oh is right.]
17:36 You'd think Repugs would slink away after being abused by Jon Stewart. You'd be wrong. I almost feel sorry for them. http://bit.ly/drQVjo
19:39 Just made an airport shuttle reservation for next week. Did you know there's a 3:45 in the *morning*?
21:32 Lee Majors is advertising hearing aids. Bionic hearing aids. He looks kind of animatronic. Almost lifelike.