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Friday's Tweets

08:10 Jon Stewart to Fox News: "I've said it before & I'll say it again: go fuck yourselves."
10:43 @BONESonFOX Gotta be Robert Englund as the incredibly creepy janitor. Figures he'd be Bones's best/only friend in HS.
14:21 In the studio, shooting & helping my friend Bill with his documentary. Rough way to spend a Friday.
17:55 Wanna understand Tea Partiers? This is all you need to know. http://bit.ly/ab3agb
17:56 If Apple's a monopoly or becomes one, it's not Microsoft and never will be. http://bit.ly/dgzzB7
17:59 Really, Mike? RIM CEO says users are abandoning touch screen devices like the iPhone & iPad. http://bit.ly/cksaoz
22:19 Listen to @ebertchicago explain why video games are not and can never be art. His argument compels. http://bit.ly/8ZZ5ut