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Wednesday's Tweets

07:28 RT @iwatchTVshows: Sarah Palin demands bendable straws as a part of her speaking contracts. The bendable truth you get for free.
08:11 Latest ep of Mr. Deity agrees with my view of the all powerful whatsit. Or I agree with it. Whatever. http://mrdeity.com/
09:11 I got 19 images accepted to @shutterstock today! Check out my gallery here: http://tinyurl.com/ltgjp5
09:48 Ad buyers think Sarah Palin's show on TLC is crap. Guess this is a Learning (Channel) experience for Discovery. http://huff.to/a70NlY
10:16 Gizmodo rants about Apple idiocy on the iPad, but turns out Apple aren't the idiots. http://bit.ly/cDrhTb
12:19 Off to Costco to replace a failing hard drive. But first, a Double-Double at In-N-Out.
12:45 @devans00 They have chilis at In-N-Out? How did I not know this?
14:10 @counternotions Hell yeah. There are good reasons for big sensors & big lenses. Folks still use medium format, and that's bigger than DSLRs.
14:15 @counternotions Problem is that smaller sensors can't do things like shallow depth of field. I'd hate to give that up.
14:32 @counternotions I'll bet you a dollar you're wrong. Not that I'd mind your being right.
14:33 Catholic Church blames gays, Jews, pretty much anybody but pedophile priests and their own leadership. http://bit.ly/9O4ahC
16:05 @CaliLewis We can get those at Cost Plus. They make a dark chocolate version as well. Kind of yummy, although I prefer the chili chocolate.
16:41 Took a few tries, but my failing drive lasted long enough to copy everything to the new one. Saves me restoring from other sources.
17:03 Media celeb announces major life change on Twitter. All the Google ads on her blog are about divorce. You do the math.
17:23 That embarrassing Gizmodo story about Kindle on the iPad that I tweeted earlier? The one they corrected? Now they've deleted it entirely.
19:50 RT @Decoder_Ring: All-new Pulp Radio Thrills! Red Panda Adventures: Eyes of the Idol. Get it free at www.decoderringtheatre.com [Love them!]
20:40 @billprady You have to admit, @wilw makes for one heck of an evil character. Poor Leonard. Poor Penny.
22:47 RT @janewiedlin: RT @whisper1111: Sarah Palin only wants to be president for the opportunity to club the presidential seal. (SNAP!)