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Monday's Tweets

00:53 Entertaining evening at The Bank at Bellagio. When does the ringing stop?
08:54 Two interesting pieces on iPhone development. Vs. Adobe: http://bit.ly/bOFNg0 Vs. Open Source: http://bit.ly/aoo9zV
09:47 Short on sleep. Hoping a garbage omelet with jalapeo will help. Need more coffee...
11:47 I think I just walked by @donttrythis at Bellagio.
13:13 Walking away from the roulette table. Ahead, believe it or not.
15:55 At the International Lingerie Show. It's good to have friends in high places.
17:16 Watching fashion show rehearsal. I'll get to photograph the real thing. (Wrote thong instead of thing, which does apply.)