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Thursday's Tweets

08:23 @paulandstorm Maybe they haven't migrated back north yet. Oh, wait; I thought you said Canadian *geese*. @wilw
09:46 RT @barryeisler: At CIA, they taught me Deny Everything, Admit Nothing, Make Counteraccusations. Was the Pope in my class?
10:12 Following Apple's iPhone OS announcement on Twitter. Isn't technology marvelous?
10:59 Young Frankenstein is coming to San Francisco end of June. Just got my ticket.
11:10 So no multitasking for my old iPhone 3G. Good thing I planned to upgrade whenever they announce the next model.
13:46 Returned the Windows laptop I borrowed for yesterday's presentation. How long before the cooties dissipate?
14:52 Parking & boarding passes printed. Off to Vegas tomorrow afternoon. There will be photography and other entertainments.
18:30 Lesbian Bondage Fiasco? Is that anything like Lesbian Spank Inferno? (Daily Show meets Coupling.)
20:34 RT @paulandstorm: [S] There once was a girl from Nantucket / She hated limericks.