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Wednesday's Tweets

05:51 Awake too early. I have a client presentation at 9. Hope I can stay awake for it. Hope they can too.
08:09 RT @daynal: I have learned that age doesn't necessarily equal maturity. [I'm so glad to hear it.]
11:14 Presentation is done. Talked for 2 hours to an invisible & mostly unheard audience. Forgotten how weird that feels.
14:37 OMG! It's unboxing porn, iPad style! http://bit.ly/d4x24B
17:10 jetBlue mocks Spirit Air's charge for carry-on bag with the Extrago Sherpa Shirt. So fashionable! http://bit.ly/dCBVm1
18:02 RT @mattyglesias: BREAKING: VA governor now agrees that slavery was bad. [Now if we could only agree about torture.]
21:09 iStock makes me feel creative and challenged. #iStock10