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Tuesday's Tweets

07:14 I just got some FREE music from Pageant Music. You can download it here: https://www.noisetrade.com/pageantmusic
08:25 "Women arrested in U.K. for taking corpse onto plane." What more is there to say? http://bit.ly/9oFK3k
08:41 Dr. Horrible as an 8 bit video game. Pointless & clever at the same time. http://bit.ly/cLUAUd
09:31 Spirit Air charges $45 if you carry a bag on. Add them to the list of airlines that'll never get a dime from me. http://bit.ly/98ipBt
10:37 GOP Senator dares to be honest at town hall about health care, Pelosi & Fox News. Yeah, I'm shocked too. http://bit.ly/aoxgpF
16:30 RT @chrismarquardt: Every time I fire up Parallels and start Windows XP, I feel a little dirty. [And well you should. Better than Win7.]
18:26 Watching last night's Colbert. Dean Kamen is a genuine American hero. http://bit.ly/cdGU3T
19:27 Sitting alone at the Meetup, latte in hand. Bloggers, where art thou?
19:32 Another sign of the coming apocalypse? http://tinyurl.com/ycm2d6v
23:08 Why do I love @istock? Because they make my photography better, even as they make me money. #iStock10