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Monday's Tweets

06:18 Clay Shirky on why complexity leads to collapse, & what that means for business. http://bit.ly/bF3vvW
06:29 A much earlier Shirky piece on why a world of choice picks a power distribution of relative winners & losers. http://bit.ly/MTY92
09:28 Broker finally sent updated 1099. Taxes done and submitted. One less thing to agonize over.
09:43 Halfway thru 2 yrs of @paulandstorm podcasts and I found this piece on the whole P&S & @jonathancoulton thing. http://bit.ly/ceKhN9
10:00 Don't press that button! Instant regret after accidentally deleting one's Twitter account. No, not mine... http://huff.to/bFylju
11:50 Think I'll wander over to the mall for lunch and to test drive an iPad. But not buying, at least not today.
13:58 My verdict on the iPad, 'cuz I'm sure you're dying to know. Heavier than I expected, a little awkward to hold. But I want one! So much!
14:23 RT @chrismarquardt: Just in case you still have doubts about the iPad's capabilities: http://bit.ly/cLgnvp [Holy shit! Amazing!]
18:29 RT @ebertchicago: RT @raypride: RT @GregMitch: Sports headline of the day from NYT: "Hooters Patrons Not Focused Entirely on Woods."
19:36 RT @iwatchTVshows: I suspect the Taco Bell food engineers just sit around making bets with each other about what they can get people to eat.