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Sunday's Tweets

08:28 RT @JohnRossBowie: And then the bunny rose from the dead. Wait, no, that's not it ... [Losing my religion. Okay, not *my* religion.]
08:50 Back to WonderCon today. Should I bring my camera? Lots of steampunk to document, after all.
08:58 RT @wikifacts: Hashtags on Twitter are used to label tweets. Hashtags in real life are used by stoners to label their weed. [Good to know.]
09:07 @hezmanagirl # means pound? I thought meant pound. # is sharp. Or hash. Or maybe pound, if your computer can't do .
09:11 RT @hezmanagirl: # is the weight pound. At least in medical filing lingo. [Learn something new every day.]
09:19 @hezmanagirl I keep the Character Viewer in my menu bar. You can search by glyph name. Go to the Keyboard System Pref & check the box.
13:38 Someone walking by at WonderCon really thought I was Spielberg. Not a joke!
14:08 Quick chat with SF writer David Gerrold of tribble fame.
19:29 The day minding Virginia Hey at WonderCon was lots of fun. Talked Joss with a Browncoat, talked photography, talked iPhone. Worth the rain.
20:34 RT @CAquake: ADMIN: Apologies for the deluge of tweets today. We don't mean to spam you, but we're not exactly in control.
22:29 RT @ebertchicago: http://twitpic.com/1dcdeu - This is your brain on Peeps.