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Friday's Tweets

07:14 What to say about a friend getting his own trading card? Romance writers are weird, but I bet you knew that. http://bit.ly/daU9Zt
09:06 I sold 13 images today through @shutterstock! My gallery is here: http://tinyurl.com/yl54bfe
10:41 On my way to Moscone for Wondercon. Wondering if I should...
17:11 Back from Wondercon. Miserable drive down 280 in the rain. But it was worth it to visit with Virginia Hey and her keeper, Jean.
17:17 @VictoriaDahl I know I'm late (blame Wondercon), but I vote #1. If you could get the slight smile from #3, you'd have a winner.
17:43 Passover means yet another run of The Ten Commandments. Did you know it was an anticommunist rant? I didn't. http://huff.to/aK3TcB
19:05 My first experience with Windows 7 on a borrowed laptop. What the *frell* were they thinking?
19:33 RT @ebertchicago: Molly Ivins on a Pat Buchanan speech: "It probably sounded better in the original German."