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Wednesday's Tweets

08:10 If Pixar had made Terminator... http://bit.ly/aAVfUZ
08:47 Galactic Empire State of Mind - Star Wars, but entertaining. http://bit.ly/dazcia
09:02 For every photographer who has upgrade fever, including yours truly: http://bit.ly/cGI5xa
09:30 The genius that is French cinema. Or maybe not. http://bit.ly/ck45FX
10:44 A play about Molly Ivins? This I want to see. That woman was brilliant! http://huff.to/9ixFdp
11:16 Teabonics: When Tea Partiers collide with Engrish, the result isn't pretty. http://bit.ly/cftDGa
11:41 Sarah Palin interview with LL Cool J for her new Fox show? It was from 2008, not with her, and now not on the show. http://bit.ly/c6Yu7u
12:17 Just added @paulandstorm's podcast to my iTunes collection. They're talking about cat poop. I'm hoping that's an outlier.
12:46 Storm of @paulandstorm assures me poop jokes are only an occasional feature of their podcast. Good to know.
15:10 MI militia crazy all upset about govt bill that doesn't say anything like what she said it says. Got Snopes? Google? http://bit.ly/9o6HIC
17:59 RT @ebertchicago: http://twitpic.com/1c9ok4 - Depressing sign on outskirts of Austrian village known for its great Fucking Beer.
20:24 RT @janewiedlin: If u click on no other links today, check this one. Dog Bless the Pastafarians! http://bit.ly/boNv9b
20:24 RT @janewiedlin: My friend who attended college w one of Palin's SIX, says "She's a boozy, shit-stirring dropout". Huh. Who knew?