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Friday's Tweets

08:09 CA Bar Assn investigating Orly Taitz. Is it a witch hunt if the target really is a witch? Burn her, burn her! http://bit.ly/b7ThAV
10:08 A feature length Dr. Horrible? That would get me in a theater for sure. Please let it be! http://bit.ly/8X6O1I
16:54 @ScaperSuse No, she only looks that old. I think she got her license in 2004 or thereabouts.
17:41 RT @ebertchicago: We are so small. It is so large. http://j.mp/czXQCx [Stunning.]
17:42 Took another drive out to Livermore. Found an interesting park. Sadly, the parking machine didn't take Credit Cards & I had no singles.
22:18 RT @ebertchicago: Beck supporter's on message board's never seem to know what to do with apostrophe's. [Hee! Sorry, make that H'ee!]
22:21 Finally watching last night's Daily Show. Jon is having a meltdown that is positively Beckian.