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Fri, 15 Dec 2006

Foiled Again / Blue October
Back in the mists of time around the beginning of my computing career, I was working in London for Data General, a minicomputer company that is no longer with us. And one day one of my even younger colleagues came over to ask how much Latin I knew. Not much, I admitted. A few useful phrases like Caveat emptor and illegitimi non corborundum, which I know isn't even real Latin. But why did he ask?

Turns out he'd been playing a ancient chess program on our office mini. And when he'd beaten it, it had terminated with the Latin-sounding message, OFLIDEA AGNI. Hence the question.

I remembered vaguely something about how early DG minis had been little endian (keeping the bits and bytes in right-to-left order in words in memory, rather than left-to-right as God intended). And I had the inspired thought that maybe something had been messed up during the program's translation to more modern (at the time) hardware. Sure enough, reverse every two characters in OFLIDEA AGNI and you get a more appropriate message for a program that had just been defeated.

Which is also the name of this album. And which is irrelevant to that album. But I like the story and just had to share.

Foiled Again
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