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Fri, 24 Dec 2004

Along the River / Susan Conger & friends
Along the River I remember a lot of ranting when the iTMS first opened about how it was dominated by the major labels. That was followed by a bunch of articles about how Apple was planning to let small labels in on the action. And then silence, perhaps because news of upcoming European versions of the store got all the attention. And then when they arrived, complaints about the selection at different stores and price differentials. (Those damn Canadians! They pay less than we do! Nobody should pay less than Murrkuns!)

But somewhere along the way some small labels have joined the majors on the iTMS. As this album demonstrates. When I first listened, I assumed I was hearing traditional New England music and that this was a historic recreation. But a little Googling showed me how mistaken I was. Although all the music on Along the River was written to accompany contradancing, which I'm told is a longstanding New England tradition, the tracks themselves were all composed within the last twenty-five years. Apparently there's a movement around the country around contradancing. (Movement. Dancing. Funny, no?) And these folks are at the forefront of creating and performing new music in an old style.

I should have figured out there was something nontraditional going on here. I mean, Double Chocolate Insomnia Rag? Not quite what an 18th or 19th century composer would call their work...

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