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Wed, 25 Apr 2007

On the Drift / Bedlam Bards
The iTunes Store classifies On the Drift as folk, although filk is probably more accurate. Filk, as most every SF or fantasy con-goer knows, is what happens when folk meets fen, which may or may not be the plural of fan. And the Bedlam Bards are clearly fen, for who else would produce an entire album of f*lk music based on the Jossverse. And not even the whole Jossverse; just the parts we know as Firefly and Serenity. Of course, how much you like On the Drift depends greatly on how you feel about the Big Damn Heroes. Unless you haven't made up your mind about them or, can it be true?, have yet to encounter Cap'n Mal and his motley crew. In which case I'm sure there's somebody willing to share their Firefly DVDs. After all, can't have them Scapers being more generous than Browncoats, can we? That would be wrong. (But true.) On the Drift
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