Posted Wed Sep 22 10:00:00 2004 - 2 comments
Sonnet / Martin Lass
2. Mike Anders Wed May 27 16:54:48 2009 PST
I would like to recommend STONE ROSE by Ola Gjeilo!
A fantastic new age / classical crossover piano album. Ola is from Norway and this is his debut release. He lives in NY and works as a composer and arranger.
STONE ROSE is a gentle and uplifting album you can listen to at any time!!!
1. Keith Phillips Sun Jan 6 20:49:35 2008 PST
I had the privilege of meeting and getting to know recently Dominic Gaudious ( is an amazing and accomplished guitarist. He tours constantly giving solo concerts at colleges and at Disney World and has blindingly fast fingers. I recommend him.


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