Posted Wed Dec 22 10:00:00 2004 - 7 comments
The Night Before Christmas / David Hasselhoff
7. theresa byrd Wed Oct 19 19:09:43 2005 PST
i like to get david hasselhoff information from your studio
6. 6-Pak Wed Jul 6 01:49:54 2005 PST
That must be pretty big mate. I know how big The Hoff is... if ya know what I mean. heh heh haah ;)
5. Paul "pass me the nanganator" Tue Jul 5 01:12:05 2005 PST
"Is it bigger than life or death? Mate, its bigger than Hoff".
4. Bryan "6 Pak" Hortin Mon Jul 4 23:43:20 2005 PST
Hoff Don't you remember me? You said i was your best little midget friend?
remember that photo. I have proof:
3. Bryan Hortin Mon Jul 4 22:54:03 2005 PST
My name is Bryan from Townsville in Australia and I think the Hoff is amazing. I love him and would like to have his babies but I am a man. I am going to have an operation so I can fix this and have little Hoffies. I hope one day we can be together. I drift off to sleep at night dreaming of me nuzzling into his hairy chest. Hoff - are you out there? I am waiting for you darling........
2. mai Sat Jan 1 12:59:05 2005 PST
Hasselhoff and Christmas? That's like peanut butter and turpentine. You just don't mix them...
1. Gail Sat Dec 25 07:38:53 2004 PST
Don't knock the Hasselhoff, dude. Don't you know he's BIG in Germany!

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