Posted Fri Jul 15 10:00:00 2005 - 1 comment
Riders on the Storm: The Doors Concerto / Kennedy, Coleman, Prague Symphony
1. Susan Tue Aug 23 19:20:59 2005 PDT
"My classical friends would turn up their noses at the misuse of all that talent". Too bad for them. Almost every famous classical musician tried to make classical versions of some more "popular tunes". "Juliet letters" by Brodsky Quartet/Costello are cool. Yo-Yo Ma can play both contemporary and popular music without thinking about misuse of his talent. Almost every classical guitarist experimented with Beatles songs (no Giuliagni can sound to us as exciting as that Sgt. Pepper on classical guitar!). Even Stockhausen proudly says that he invented techno. The guys should stop turning up their nose. It might help them to expose the talents hidden behind all the academcism.

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