Posted Mon Feb 7 10:00:00 2005 - 2 comments
Rudolf Friml Piano Works / Sara Davis Buechner
2. Sara Davis Buechner Sat May 27 01:17:52 2006 PST
Dear Andy:
A blogging friend alerted me to your e-mail query. I see you live in Washington DC, so you may want to come hear my recital at the National Gallery on June 11, when I will play a group a Friml pieces (along with Mozart, Gershwin et al). It is indeed near impossible to find those Friml piano pieces as they are all out of print. But if you contact the publisher G. Schirmer, you can purchase some of them through their custom archive -- a bit pricey, alas. I get requests weekly for copies of the scores and am eager to see them republished, too. It looks like my recording has sparked some interest in this, so hopefully it will happen down the road. Fingers crossed! All best wishes,
Sara Davis Buechner
1. Andy Kennedy Tue May 9 09:46:58 2006 PST
I have this CD and have become enchanted by it and Friml's piano works. Ms Buechner plays them so well that it's a pleasure to listen to them over and over. I was also wondering if there is any place where one could get transcriptions of any or all of the pieces presented on the album? I live in the Washington, DC area and am running into brink walls everywhere I try to get the music or even information or where to get the music. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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