Posted Fri Jun 2 11:00:00 2006 - 2 comments
Bathtub / Fono & Serafina
2. robert Mon Aug 28 14:45:22 2006 PST
heey man,
i dunno what u mean,

but i gopt the last bloem deligny available many many years ago.

they didnt even have the cover, but i could send u a copy from the cd.

the original is holy to me :D

but can u help me where to buy music from "FONO & SERAFINA" ?

i want the original cd.

thx to google i was here..

Peace Urban
1. wim jannes Fri Jul 14 14:34:46 2006 PST
Hi I was looking if I could find an oldfashioned CD version of this album So far no luck But if you like some info here is some If not Stop reading :-)
Your Icelandic accent is Dutch The band comes from Holland in 1998 the singer
released a solo album under the name Bloem De Ligny called Zink Highly promoted, video, tour ,nominated for an Edison(Dutch Grammy)etc but commercial unsuccesfull Then she disappeared (it seems to London)

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